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The crushing industry crusher to gradually green development path
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With the changing world economic situation , " low-carbon economy , green world " theme is becoming the trend of the times , the mining machinery industry as a key national economy ; slowly adapt to the era of development and progress , crusher crushing industry is also true .

Crushing industry 's toughest problems is that most of the crusher there is the problem of high energy consumption, emissions , dust pollution of the environment . Therefore, to increase the R & D and production of new energy-saving green crusher , has become a major crusher production business imperative . If one hundred quarry in an area , each home regardless of what device , and its environmental damage is 100 copies, if integrated clustering , intensive , so mining can plan , planning , would be more reasonable use of energy , protection of natural resources will be synchronized planning .

Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co. , Ltd. Since the company established , has been the theme of green development , the injected green equipment R & D to develop new ideas , constantly improve equipment technology . Yifan Machinery in the current development situation , only unwavering change , quality , service , and environmental protection , have the prospect of a vast , constantly pioneering vigor scene This is precisely Yifan Machinery " enhance the value of resources open up a new life " mission has always been adhering to .

Today, users increasingly value the selected enterprises the timeliness and effectiveness of the after-sales service , these will directly determine the sales market and scale . Yifan Machinery from understanding customer needs to solve customer needs to provide the most reasonable solution , customers use services .

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